JFC Jazz Club Francesca Tandoi

Francesca Tandoi Trio (Италия)
Программа - Romantic Jazz

JFC Jazz Club Lera Gehner. Best of the Best!

Lera Gehner.
Best of the Best!

JFC Jazz Club Ансамбль Натальи Скворцовой

Natalia Skvortsova Quartet (Москва - Санкт-Петербург)

JFC Jazz Club Elizabeth Allai & The Southern Comfort

Elizabeth Allai & The Southern Comfort

JFC Jazz Club Easy Winners

Easy Winners

JFC Jazz Club Tresmuchachos & Co

Tresmuchachos & Co

JFC Jazz Club Armenian Swifts

Armenian Swifts

JFC Jazz Club Джаз-каприс

Динара Махмудова (вокал)

JFC Jazz Club Trio Broche Pirotton Cirri

Trio Broche Pirotton Cirri

JFC Jazz Club Кондаков – Волков – Багдасарьян 2

Кондаков – Волков – Багдасарьян

JFC Jazz Club Наталья Родина & ShoobeDoobe Jazz Band

Наталья Родина & ShoobeDoobe Jazz Band

Jazzy Tunes

JFC Jazz Club Квинтет Анастасии Лютовой

Ансамбль Анастасии Лютовой

JFC Jazz Club Таль Бабицкий

«Таль Бабицкий Трио» (Израиль)

JFC Jazz Club Intuitive Project

Intuitive Project & Tanel Ruben (Эстония)

JFC Jazz Club JAZZ F@NCK Quartet

JazzF@nck Quartet

JFC Jazz Club Lera Gehner Look Into My Soul 2

Lera Gehner Quintet

Программа «Best of the Best»

JFC Jazz Club David Post - вокал (США) и его ансамбль

David Post - вокал (США) и его ансамбль

JFC Jazz Club Группа Парадигма

Группа "Парадигма".

JFC Jazz Club Ансамбль Дэна Николоса (США - Италия - Россия)

Ансамбль Дэна Николоса (США - Италия - Россия)

JFC Jazz Club Big Blues Revival

Big Blues Revival

«Danger Men Playing Party»

JFC Jazz Club Ансамбль Алисы Коковой

Ансамбль Алисы Коковой

JFC Jazz Club Forrets Gump и Дядя Миша

Forrest Gump & Дядя Миша


JFC Jazz Club Tanina L’Odore & Band

Tanina L'Odore & Band


JFC Jazz Club DostoevskY (DY)

DostoevskY (DY)

Современный джаз-рок

JFC Jazz Club Квинтет Даниила Никитина

Квинтет Даниила Никитина
Музыка Роя Хагроува - "Для Роя и про Роя"

JFC Jazz Club Don Hikaram & Atomic Jam Band

Don Hikaram & Atomic Jam Band (RU - NL)


JFC Jazz Club Daniel Marques

Daniel Marques TRIO (Рио-де-Жанейро)

JFC Jazz Club Daniel Marques

Daniel Marques TRIO (Рио-де-Жанейро)


LEGENDARIO (Россия-Куба)

JFC Jazz Club Chizhik-jazz-quartet при уч. Олега Белова

Chizhik-jazz-quartet при участии Олега Белова

Сrossover jazz


JFC Jazz Club Ангелы джаза

Проект "Ангелы джаза"
Трибьют Владимиру Тунику

JFC Jazz Club Intuitive Project

Intuitive Project & Marc Giacone (Monaco)

JFC Jazz Club The Earlybird Blues Swing Jazz Band

The Earlybird Blues Swing Jazz Band

JFC Jazz Club Easy Winners

Easy Winners

JFC Jazz Club Юлия Михайловская и её квинтет

Квинтет Юлии Михайловской
«Незабываемый Nat ‘King’ Cole» к 100-тию со дня рождения

JFC Jazz Club Ансамбль Джерри Кима / Jerry Kim Band

Jerry Kim Band

JFC Jazz Club Lera Gehner. Best of the Best!

Lera Gehner
Best of the Best!

JFC Jazz Club Elizabeth Allai & The Southern Comfort

Elizabeth Allai & The Southern Comfort

JFC Jazz Club Арк Овруцкий (Ark Ovrutski)

Арк Овруцкий (Ark Ovrutski)

JFC Jazz Club Mark Gross Quartet

Mark Gross Quartet

JFC Jazz Club Бенни Бенак III

Бенни Бенак III

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Niki Buzz

First a bit about NIKI!
for those who prefer not to read......just watch the damn video!

Niki began his career at the tender age of three years old while playing piano with his mother and father. Seven years later (at the age of ten) he started playing drums and by the age of thirteen he won a contest sponsored by the godfather of soul James Brown. After that he performed with the Ike and Tina Turner review and other legendary bands such as Exile, Parliament Funkadelic and The GuessWho.

By the time he was 20 years old he could play 13 instruments in which his favorite was guitar. Which to this day is his primary instrument.

In 1975 Niki was very much on the scene in New York City when the legendary CBGB’s was at the forefront of the punk music scene. Performing with artists as the Ramone’s, Patti Smith, the Talking Heads, The Shirts and Mink Deville, he is one of the few artists that can boast that he was on the first "Live at CBGB’S" album as the lead singer for the group Sun featuring Bill Laswell on bass.

After working with the legendary Giorgio Gomelsky, the owner of the Craw Daddy club (who discovered the Rolling Stones), he decided to start the band Vendetta. With that band he landed a record contract in 1982. The debut album "Vendetta" was the end result.

For the next two years he toured with the likes of Billy Squier, Foreigner, Joan Jett and numerous other rock acts.

In 1984 he started the legendary band M-80 (RoadRunner Label) with bass player Don Costa from The Ozzy Osborne Band.

After touring the United States and Europe for two years Niki embarked on a studio career where he met Curtis Knight (discoverer of Jimi Hendrix). He was the resident guitarist and drum computer programmer at Planet Studios in NYC for the likes of Anita Baker, Whitney Houston Chaka Kahn and Kid Creole and the Coconuts and The Village People.

Finishing four years of touring with Curtis Knight, The Niki Buzz Band and Pat Mears, he started the brand-new studio Helping Hands (March 1998) of which he is the sole owner, proprietor and engineer.

The studio already has numerous CD’s to its credit: Tengeh Ascension 2021 (with reggae artists Max Edwards and Ione Oslinger), Siembras ( featuring Marco A. Carrera) and Jerome Lee’s mini-CD Basically yours not to mention The Blues and Jazola the two latest CD’s from Niki himself. Niki is considered one of the top producers in The Netherlands.

Along with being a masterful musician, Niki is also considered one of the top midi experts in the world. He has been working with midi for the last 20 years.

He is a beta tester for Scope Creamware...

Native Instruments and was very instrumental in the beta testing for Guitar Rig.

In the fall of 1998 Niki traveled to New York where he was asked to perform on the soundtrack for the "The Personals" a documentary produced by Cinemax about the sex lives of the elderly in New York City. In March of 1999 that same film won an Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject.

Having added an Oscar award winning film to his credits Niki is setting his sites for future film work.

Having moved to The Netherlands he has started his own record label BlackDust Records and a production company entitled Sleezmidgits Productions.

In December 2004 Niki won "Best International Animation award" for the "New York Independent Film Festival" for an animation that he composed and wrote the screen play for entitled "Whiplash" which can be viewed at www.sleezmidgits.com

The following year Niki was inducted into the “Blues Hall of Fame” ( See the awards page).

Along with playing guitar for new and up coming artist on Def Jam and Universal Music Group, Niki continues touring with Courtney Williams (drummer for Marianne Faithful) playing all the major jazz blues, and rock festivals of Europe, America,Canada and The Carribean.

2012 will find Niki touring with “Amsterdam Cowboys” (his latest endeavor) , along with some dates with “The Niki Buzz Band”.

Upon request Niki performs the entire “Band of Gypsies” CD from the legendary guitarist “Jimi Hendrix” with a tribute band called “Midnite Gypsies”!




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